The smart factory

Meeting contemporary needs and making the best use of available resources.


The manufacturing field is undergoing the fourth industrial revolution.

Flexible and interconnected production processes, automated production lines, control of the integration of the production process and system maintenance, and management of quality, resources and the supply chain are all the fundamental ingredients of the smart factory which responds to current needs and makes the best use of available resources.


Our passion for quality, the continuous modernisation of our methods and working tools, and the attention that we give to the needs of our clients finds us in tune with this important transformation.

Our company's history has always been characterised by substantial investments in technology and by the innovation of production processes, which is necessary for the management of the quality and logistic processes, investments which are necessary in order to answer a more and more complex and fluid demand.


The earlier stage of the investment concentrated on the automation of the processes and the widening of the production lines (enlarging the site, division of the work places, acquisition of our first robots).

In 2009, we integrated advanced manufacturing into our production processes, acquiring our first INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTERS. 

Subsequently, investments have concentrated on the improvement of communication, and on the control and testing in real time of the processes through the interconnection of all stations and their connection with technical and R&D offices.


We started the TiQu Industries project, in collaboration with the DIA (Department of Engineering and Architecture) at the University of Trieste, within the framework of constant growth of interest that the market was showing for advanced manufacturing.

We think that robotics lies at the heart of achieving the smart factory. We believe that reaching a suitable level of “robotization”, within the context of the adequate training of human resources, is fundamental to making the production process efficient, and at the same time, guaranteeing the continuous evolution of products and processes, optimising times for set-up and start-up of the systems and production lines with a view to single item production.


In this context, after the introduction of the first industrial robots in 2012, we have recently introduced collaborative robots which have become a true strategic asset for our company, developed in complete harmony with our team.