Idea Prototipi offers a wide range of solutions that cover the implementation of the entire production system: it spans from the engineering phase, to the production of aesthetic or functional prototypes, from scaled models to 1:1 scale components to be used during the test phase, mechanical simulation, assembly verification, etc...

All this is made possible by its diverse range featuring the most advanced resources in the industry. These are the processes and technologies used by Idea Prototipi:


Laser cutting center TRUMPF 3D

The full integrated CNC, HF generator, refrigerator system provides excellent performances with minimal overall size and easy access.

Water refrigerated mirrors keep the beam stable and efficient. The AutoLas Plus system maintains the focal point inside the working range and auto-adjusts the focal point in function of the material thickness accordingly to laser tables. Thanks to this technology the cutting performance is always constant without any human intervention and with a minimal resetting time.
Inside the machine working range (1500mm x 3000mm x 600mm) two working benches are integrated for model positioning.


Robotized bending system

Our robotized bending station enables us to start complex production, coining or air bending, which involve complicated structures, small radii or small bending edges.
The robotized welding station guarantees complicated 10-axis controlled processing, and with the 3D control scanner, it eliminates any recovery problems by minimising implementation times during the welding stage.
The added value of this machine is given by low cost of production of complex geometries having small radius and high bending angles:

  • ACB angle sensor (Automatically Controlled Bending)
  • fast tool change,
  • wide bending space,
  • 6 axes back register,
  • quality and safety are guaranteed by laser tempered bending tools (Trumpf Laserdur)

The many various bending tools allow for a wide range of processes applied to different geometries without any scratches and corrections.
Industrial design products having large metallic surfaces can be added to the existing production. The Kuka KR 100 robot guarantees the most accurate precision and highest production speed.


Robotized welding system

For Idea Prototipi, optimizing means gradually perfecting any idea and turning even the simplest drawing into a project that will then meet the highest standards of functionality, quality and accuracy.
One of its tasks is to ensure that production is started in strict compliance with the latest economic criteria for mass production.
The Tig robotized welding system, together with a 10 axes plasma generator and a laser driving system for automatic correction of the cutting path, allows the management of small work allotments or pre-series. It guarantees high quality of the surfaces and excellent continuity of the precision standards. These characteristics are useful in view of any production increase.


Trumpf Trumatic 2020 R FMC Compact

Our potential includes the following elements and figures: equipment for 5-axis laser cutting, punch and water cutting, processing ranges: 2000x4000, from 0.05 to 100mm thick, workstation for mechanical processing and moulds, and all machinery for bending, welding or moulding.

The Trumpf Trumatic 2020 R FMC Compact is an automatic and highly productive punching machine with whom pieces of metal sheet can be producted in a reliable and accurate way.
Main characteristics:

  • Compact size
  • automatic loading and unloading
  • velocity and precision
  • excellent cost/efficiency ratio

Rapid Prototyping - OBJET Eden 500V

The 3D Eden500V™ prototyping system is the ideal solution for large size models or whenever high speed production is crucial. Its large size 500mm x 400mm x 200mm makes it possible to produce large seamless models and it offers the chance of forming multiple model in a single step, thus cutting production costs.