We realize prototypes for the industry covering all their declinations, from study prototypes (or conceptual prototypes), natural extension of engineering processes, to functional prototypes that present all the features of the product in series.


We started modeling the sheet metal to then extend our offer by implementing other materials and processes.


Our customers come from different industrial sectors, from medical to aeronautics, from energy to the world of appliances, from furniture to safety.

Every single industrial sector presents a peculiar process of development of new products.

In some sectors the number of prototypes which is required for the development of a new product is equal to the number of pieces that a different industrial sector considers "serial production".


Our executive versatility and the interaction between all the procedural phases allow us to treat a prototype with the reproducibility standards typical of serial production.

In the development of the prototype for our client we are a unique interlocutor that integrates all the skills and technologies necessary.