Production engineering

For us, dialogue and listening to the customer are the key to understanding the needs and nature of the project. The industrialization phase develops within the technical and R&D departments involving dedicated engineering and managerial resources.


The thirty-year experience gained in numerous industrial sectors facilitates the identification of innovative solutions and the transfer of consolidated techniques within a sector to other industrial sectors.


The "design of industrial producibility", design for Manufacturing (DFM), allows us to define and control the subsequent phases of prototyping and serial production.

Quickly tracking down a solution to the problems of industrialization of new products and optimizing costs, materials and processes of already industrialized products are the capacities we have developed and that we make available to our customers.

For our customers we are a partner, a unique HUB to turn to in order to design, prototype and produce in series.

To ensure speed and accuracy in responding to our customers, we have implemented virtual prototyping tools that allow us to verify and test functionality and performance before proceeding with physical prototyping or serial production.

Integration between all departments, offices technical, R&D, production, quality control and administration is made possible by continuous updating of technological solutions and the adoption of lean management methods.