Mass production

We produce products and industrial components in series (small and large), with the possibility of assembling structural, mechanical and electromechanical components.


Precision and attention to detail are our passion that unites all phases, from industrialization to the production of prototypes up to serial production.


In mass production we can guarantee an extremely high level of flexibility.

Over the years we have implemented solutions and technologies to streamline processes and adopted different methodologies, including lean management, which allow us to constantly production monitoring, respect the times and qualitative targets.

From sheet metal processing to surface treatments, each step is monitored and verified in real time.


For our client we are a unique partner that manages all the activities of the production process, from the procurement of materials to assembly.

Our presence in different industrial sectors and different markets allows us to better understand the needs qualitative and organizational of the client, managing to satisfy and manage even the production emergencies always guaranteeing the requisites required.

Our flexibility allows us to produce over five thousand different codes each year and at the same time allows us to combine standard production with even relatively small batches.