Every one of our clients has access to a wide range of services and technologies.


Sheet metal working

We specialise in the working of all types of sheet metal for the production of prototypes and small and large runs.
We guarantee a high level of flexibility thanks to our adoption of innovative technological solutions.

Additive manufacturing

3D printing systems for the rapid production of components intended for prototypes or mass production.

Furthermore, three dimensional printing allows us to customise the equipment and settings of the robotic stations according to the specifications of the customer.

The printed components can be tested beforehand with the simulation methods put into place with the TiQu Industries project.

CNC and Work Centers

We manage all the machining necessary for the production of technical and aesthetic components using the best CNC technologies and exploiting the high potential of the laser-tube (tube laser cutting).

We guarantee the precision standards commensurate with the customer's needs.

Surface finishing

The numerous industrial sectors in which we have a presence demand a high level of attention to the finishing of surfaces. We take care of finishes with high mechanical performance (such as resistance to abrasion and the action of chemical agents) and aesthetic finishes, including laser marking and serigraphies.

Inspection and quality control

Dimensional and mechanical tests, which are done in every phase of project development, are carried out by personnel qualified to issue certificates of internal testing.


We carry out precision mechanical assembly, including the integration of electromechanical components.