History and identity

Idea Prototipi strengthened by a twenty-year wealth of knowledge, was born with the aim of offering skills and experience of the craftsman, combined with manufacturing industry cutting-edge technologies. 
With efficiency, competence and accuracy, Idea Prototipi is able to shape your best ideas, analyzing, engineering, and prototyping them both for aesthetic and functional goals, looking after any technical and mechanical aspect.
With particular regard for the industrial optimization, Idea Prototipi can start small or large series productions, caring for design process and shaping the products through targeted and in-depth research.
Idea Prototipi is able to improve an existing product by perfecting the functionality and by optimizing industrial and manufacturing processes.
Idea Prototipi pursues the main objective of the client satisfaction, establishing a direct relationship with the same, and making available all of its competence.
Idea Prototipi carries out a continuous process of innovation keeping pace with cutting-edge technologies and the market needs.


Idea Prototipi is ready to manage, on its premises, small and large dedicated production lines, also including finishing and surface treatment in the delivery. It is also able to offer to its clients a warehouse facility.

Through the experience gained over time, the setting up of the work flow and the accurate selection of its personnel Idea Prototipi can provide a high standard of confidentiality, a mandatory requirement in the early stages of the industrial process involved in the collaboration.


Idea Prototipi acknowledges the centrality of communication, meant not as information transfer, but as an identity asset to be created, n urtured, communicated, and maintained through a variety of media to customers.
Trust and credibility are the components that must be achieved with a patient, complex and delicate activity of communication.


Idea Prototipi is active in the field of sponsorship. In fact, for years, it has been the institutional sponsor of Udinese Calcio.


The continuous search, the will to innovate, and the propensity to shape the ideas brought Idea Prototipi to start, over the years, different initiatives that led to the creation of brands which sometimes feature innovative technologies, sometimes production activities related to its own skills.